Testimonial - Sarah (Mum) & Mitchell Aged 7 From Wickford
Hi David, Apologies for not emailing you sooner following Mitchell’s guitar lesson last Saturday. I think Mitchell thoroughly enjoyed himself and he thinks you are awesome!! I am taking this as a good sign he will want the lessons to continue!! We have already booked another lesson with you for next Saturday (5th July). Please can you confirm the time? Please can you also send the guitar tuner (now you have our email address!). We look forward to seeing you next week. Kindest Regards, Sarah & Mitchell


Date: 2015


From: David Mesher


“Fed Up With Those Wasted Attempts To Learn Guitar? You Just Don’t Have The Time To Study, All Those Confusing Workbooks…….or, maybe……You Just Want To Learn To Play The Guitar………Impress your friends, play your favourite songs and discover how to play fast and easy, then this just might be the most important letter you’ll ever read.”


Here’s why


With My “1-on-1” tuition you will learn to play guitar, from the very first lesson! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is. From tuning your guitar to playing your first chords, to solo pieces. I believe that playing should be fun!  :) That’s why you want to learn, right! Well, the good news is, “That’s The Way I Teach”


“I’ve been playing guitar and teaching others how to play for over 25 years. In all that time I have developed highly effective techniques, tricks and exercises that YOU can use to quickly master the basics of guitar with less effort and frustration, and the best way I can do that is by teaching you in person. One thing I ask…Enthusiasm!”

Learn to play even if you have never touched a guitar! Learn to play without reading music…….In fact, that’s the only way I teach.


Here’s Some Of The Things We’re Going To Cover:


• Tuning – We’ll start teaching you how to tune your guitar. Easy Stuff! I’ll even give you a Tuner to tune from. Not just any old tuner…I had this made for you. Digital download.


• Chords Basics – To get your fingers use to playing, you’ll start by learning some really easy chords…….The basics of any song. Once you pick up the basics you’ll fly along!


• Your Songs – This is the stuff that will really gets you flying! I will work out your favourite songs…….show you how to play them………..and include them in your lessons…..So, you have fun while you play. It’s such a Great Way to learn, don’t you think? Well, this is the way I’ll be teaching you.



Testimonial - Pamela H. ( Nanna) Pete. Aged 9 From Rayleigh
Hello David, Thank you for the lesson today, which we enjoyed, trust I wasn’t too much of a pain!!!! Peter was so happy, left him at home sitting on the floor propped up by the fridge, showing his Dad all he had learned, with big Brother not exactly pleased.Your patience amazes me, and we look forward to our next lesson. Many thanks once again, Sincerely, Pamela H. and of course Pete. PS.He says he likes to come for his lesson because you make them fun.


• Lead Guitar – Your learn to play lead guitar . I’ll be acomplying you with chords and visa versa.


• Finger Picking – I’ll teach you some really good finger pickin’ tunes that Sound Great!…


• Blues – We’ll also be playing blues guitar. I’ve got some Great blues riffs to show you.



Testimonial - Glenn Aged 35 Westcliff
Thanks Dave, Great lessons….I’ve learn’t so much. The best being the finger pickin’ styles. Thanks for all the stuff too. Cheers Glenn.

• Tab – A simple way to play the guitar without reading music. You’ll understand it in 5 minutes.


• Me……. – I’m here with you to answer any questions you might have…and to make the jokes!


• FREE Software – Over the last few years I’ve been developing new programmes/software especially with my students in mind. Like the tuner I’m going to give you. You don’t really need them but they do help to speed up your playing . As we progress though your lessons you’ll receive these unique little gems!


3 Good Reasons


1 You get me for 1-on-1 Tuition. Everything I know, all questions answered, I want you to understand everything.



2 Course materials. Chord charts etc. Really everything your likely to need to know in each lesson.



3 Ongoing teaching. Every lesson will be slightly different! We’ll work to your learning ability, and what you want. If you don’t understand something, we’ll do it again, until you do…….You’ll be surprised how easy it is, using my tricks anyway!


My Studio


All my lessons are help in the relaxed surroundings of my Log Cabin, nestled at the bottom of the garden. And very well equipped with a PA system, mikes, reverb, ect. So, no worries about noise. :) or disturbing the neighbours.


 Contact me today by calling 01702 420072 or emailing info@myfirstguitarlessons.co.uk 



Testimonial - Mark B. Age 41 From Leigh-on-sea
Hi David, apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I would like to continue my lessons with you. Would (as discussed) every other Thursday at 8pm still be ok? Very much enjoyed my first lesson and feel I will benefit greatly from your method of teaching! Thanks also for the chord book. Another song to add is California Dreaming, Mamas and Papas. If all is ok with you I will see you for my next lesson on Thursday 9th April and then every fortnight Really was great fun compared to my old lessons. The other song was “You Do Something To Me” by Weller (personal favourite). Fine with the testimonial and feel free to include age. Looking forward to cracking “Sultans of Swing”


No more complicated books to read


Play Without Reading Music. Play All Styles Of Music.


Unsure about anything?….just ask!


Tell Me What You Like! Want To Play Along To Your Favourite Songs? Let me show you.


With my 1-on-1 Guitar lessons I will do my very best to teach you how to play guitar


I will give you everything you need to get playing. Books, Chord Charts, Songs, Loads of Stuff!……How good you get, well, that’s up to you….it all depends on YOU, and how much you practice. I do however expect you to practise at least 1 hour a week.


If Your Not Entirely Happy And Thrilled At The End Of Your First Lesson I will Refund You In Full….Better Still….Don’t pay me until the end of the first lesson……..


I Can Only Take On So Many Students, To Avoid Disappointment Contact Me Today For Lesson Times……Before It’s To Late!


Prices for my 1-on-1 Guitar Lessons are as follows:


• £25 an hour/session.


• £20 an hour for Under 18’s.


• £70 three hour lessons.


• And £10 for 1/2 hour for young children.


• For lesson times, I always try to accommodate a mutual time for us both.


• I do teach over Skype, if you are interested please contact me for details.


Prices are based on you visiting me, once every 2 weeks. Or once a month, up to you, and how much time and practice you put in.



“It doesn’t matter how old you are, from 6 years old to 80 years old. I do believe that if you want to learn I can teach you.”




Free Bonus Gift #1(Not for sale Value)

My Ultimate Chord Collection…..All The Chords And Finger Positions You’ll Ever Likely To Need. Digital download PDF book


Free Bonus Gift #2(Not for sale Value)

Online Guitar Tuner. I bet you can guess what this is! I had this made a while ago, It’s not perfect…the Bb tuning doesn’t appear to work… but it sounds pretty dame good! Simply click on the tuning you want…….and away you go. I’ll even include an open tuning guide to go with it. Downloadable programme for PC’s and laptops.




“Do you want to learn to play the guitar? I CAN teach you! But…I’ll only teach you if you really want to learn.”


Why do I say this?


Well…to be perfectly honest I don’t want to waste your time or mine. So, go somewhere quiet, and have a long hard think……..and then come back and answer this question! Do You Want To Learn To Play The Guitar? If the answer is Yes, Fantastic! Get back to me A.S.A.P.


Thank you for reading this far and what ever you decide, I would like to wish you,


Best of Success,


David Mesher


P.S. As I can only accept so many students, I would advise you to contact me as soon as possible to be sure of Guaranteeing your time with me.


Please Note: I am usually available to take phone calls in person between 5 and 6 pm. If this is inconvenient please email me your number and the best time to call. Alternatively, you can always leave a message on the answer phone and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. For your peace of mind, you can also find me on Yell and The Yellow Pages.


Contact Details


Email : info@myfirstguitarlessons.co.uk


Phone: 01702 420072


Address: 40 Danescroft Drive, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex SS9 4NR. England




“A Unique Gift! For that Special Occasion…Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, and more! With your own message.”





FREE Songs and Charts for Beginners, on Guitar. Just Click the Links Below and Save! All PDF’s


Quickref.chord chart
Blank chord boxes
Blank tab sheets
Baa Baa black sheep
Drunken Sailor
London’s Burning